Security Shredding & Storage News

Security Shredding & Storage News is a quarterly journal, designed to provide up-to-date news on events, legislation and technology that affects the document shredding & product destruction industry. I write many of the publication’s feature stories, like the ones posted below:

How will tax reform impact your business?

Spring 2018

Some provisions of the new federal tax law signed by President Donald Trump on December 22 provided an early Christmas present to many businesses. The impacts of other parts of the new law, however, may not be as simple as general media sound bites imply, cautions CPA Jim Gero, co-managing partner of Hobe & Lucas, a Cleveland-based accounting firm.

Office paper remains stable during year of scrap pandemonium

Winter 2017

The Chinese government made 2017 a year of pandemonium for the global old corrugated container (OCC) and mixed paper markets, but office paper remained generally steady throughout the year.

Security shreding: Year-end wrap

Winter 2016

Vendors serving the security shredding business reported strong business in 2016 with expectations for the trend to continue in 2017.

Recovered office paper markets strong during third quarter

Fall 2016

U.S. exports of deinking grade scrap paper, including Sorted Office Paper (SOP) and Sorted White Ledger (SWL) were strong through July, topping comparable 2015 exports by 30 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The improvement in export demand offset low domestic usage, but recovered paper traders in September said a strong tissue business was bringing up demand and

Deinking grade papers show strongest export growth

Spring 2015










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