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Scrap Magazine. Scrap is the bimonthly magazine of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), a Washington, D.C.-based trade association.  ISRI and its 21 chapters represent approximately 1,300 companies operating in nearly 4,000 locations in the U.S. and 34 countries worldwide that process, broker, and consume scrap commodities, including metals, paper, plastics, glass, rubber, electronics, and textiles. Visit Scrap Magazine’s website.

Scrap Magazine articles by Ken McEntee:

Coming up in March/April 2020…

Equipment Focus: Vertical shredders

Equipment Focus: Downstream Separation
November/December 2019

Magnets, lasers, X-rays, and optical sensors might be the trick to produce cleaner metal streams.

Gearing up:
July/August 2019

North American mill expansions and conversions could offer a new home for the recovered paper no longer going to China—but only if there is a demand for what those mills are producing.

Equipment Focus: Wheel Loaders 2019
March/April 2018

With their wide range of sizes and attachments, wheel loaders are versatile machines for scrap processing facilities. Newer models feature improvements in safety, efficiency, and durability that could make them even stronger performers in difficult scrapyard conditions.

Equipment focus: Paper Sorting Technology
September/October 2018

China’s import policy changes have closed off some markets for recovered fiber and raised the quality requirements of others. A variety of new separation technologies are offering MRFs hope that they can achieve cleaner fiber streams.

Equipment Focus: Lifting Magnets
November/December 2017

To get the longest life span from your lifting magnet attachments, minimize heat, moisture, and misuse, manufacturers say. That means using them for lifting and lifting only.

Silent Killers
March/April 2015

Rail-related injuries in scrapyards are rare, but a rail car’s weight and momentum mean unsafe behaviors easily can result in serious injury or death.

Equipment Focus: Mobile Equipment Telematics
September/October 2014

Telematics systems can help recyclers manage their equipment fleets for greater efficiency and productivity and detect maintenance issues before they cause equipment failures.

Elevating Paper Quality
May/June 2014

Paper recyclers hope revised processing practices, new equipment, and clearer specifications can improve the quality of their recovered fiber and reverse some of the recent declines in export demand.

Carton Recycling Grows Up
May/June 2013

Gable-top and aseptic container recycling has matured rapidly in recent years, thanks in part to U.S. manufacturers’ efforts to spur this material’s collection, separation, and consumption.

Cold Comfort
September/October 2012

The U.S. market for recovered paper is shrinking but still sizable. Tissue products are one bright spot on the horizon for recyclers seeking domestic consumers.

China’s High-Fiber Diet
May/June 2012

With China receiving the lion’s share of U.S. recovered fiber exports, processors and traders worry whether Chinese mill expansions are outpacing demand.

Ferrous Passport
March/April 2012

Exports of U.S. ferrous scrap have grown tremendously since the start of this century. Traders are optimistic about the prospects for future global demand, though exports’ effect on prices is not always clear.

Equipment Focus: Fleet-Management Software
November/December 2011

Software programs that make use of cell phone, wireless Internet, and other technologies can help scrap facilities with truck routing, container tracking, and other fleet-management tasks.

Paper’s Next Small Thing
September/October 2011

Despite growing economies and greater demand for scrap paper, Central and South America are likely to remain only a niche market for U.S. recovered paper, traders say.

Equipment Focus: Plasma Cutters
July/August 2011

Technological advances have given this equipment more cutting power in a smaller, lighter package, making it the tool of choice for scrapyards with bulky scrap made from a variety of metals.

Roll With the Changes
March/April 2011

Despite dramatic changes in the recovered fiber and papermaking businesses, brokers still play a vital role in the supply chain, offering benefits to scrap paper generators, packers, and consumers.

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