Your media department for small business

Have you ever looked with envy at some of the bigger companies in town and lamented, “I wish I could afford media relations and marketing services like those big shots have?”

Be careful of what you wish for. Occupying a high-rent Downtown office doesn’t make a person more talented. It does create a perception. But if you’re going to pay for a perception, it should be your perception, not the perception of the guy who is supposed to be helping with your perception.

What really matters in PR and marketing is talent and experience, not a gold plated logo on a double glass door.

The Write Company, the business communications division of McEntee Media Corporation, provides affordable, effective public relations, newsletter production and other professional media services to businesses and organizations.

Write Company clients include Southwest General Health Center, Kraft Maid/Masco Cabinetry, Mimi Vanderhaven’s Fabulous Buys, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, the International Side Saddle Association, Southwest Urology, Today’s Business Products, Image Builders Marketing and our newest major client, Enaptive Inc., a logistics software/technology provider in Jacksonville, Fla.

Ken McEntee, owner of The Write Company and McEntee Media, doesn’t enjoy a 20th story view of Lake Erie when he works, but he has been involved in journalism since 1984 – as a writer, publisher and PR professional.

Prior to establishing McEntee Media, Ken was an award-winning reporter and Cuyahoga County, Ohio bureau chief for the Lorain Journal, a daily newspaper near Cleveland. As a newspaper reporter, Ken earned a variety of awards for his writing, including two first place awards for investigative reporting and a first place award for community service from the Associated Press Society of Ohio. He was also recognized for Best News Story by the Ohio Professional Sports Writers Association.

Following his work at The Journal, Ken joined a local magazine publisher where he served as editor and writer for two business publications. At the same time, Ken, along with his brother Ron, co-founded Active Communications Inc. where he co-wrote the satirical Weekly Farce news tabloid which was featured on numerous television and radio shows and news articles. For its production of The Weekly Farce and Active Voice, a forum for free speech, Active Communications has been recognized with a listing in the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History.

In 1990, Ken started McEntee Media, a publisher of business periodicals such as Composting News and The Paper Stock Report.

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