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"The cover story is rocking!!! The client is super busy. The garage is full and new customers are calling all day long. You did it!!" -- Jami Turk, Personal Assistant, Mimi Vanderhaven's Fabulous Buys

"Ken McEntee is the first call I make after meeting a new client for Mimi Vanderhaven. He's professionial, precise, creative and knows how to get the guts of the story to maximize success for all my clients. Ken is a huge part of why Northeast Ohio still has small businesses turning a profit." -- Jami Turk, Personal Assistant, Mimi Vanderhaven's Fabulous Buys

"I'm amazed at your talent for making something out of 'not much.' Thanks for using your talent to make our Community Guide shine!" -- Laura Lakner, Editor, Image Builders Marketing Publications

"Thank you for all you do and for making us look so good!" -- Chris Andrews, Executive Director, Ohio Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture

"OH MY GOD! I have taken 250 calls from 2 p.m. till now! I can not thank you enough! I could not be happier with the response so far! The story is perfect and I love the placement. We are trying to keep track of how many cookies we sell." -- Christine Gilbert, The Country Baker (email to Mimi Vanderhaven)

Voicemail from Jon Kolozvary, owner, Green Smith Garden Center

"Ken is an excellent writing source. His writing is informative and interesting to read, and has ranged from technical city reports to restaurant review and customer advertorials. He also has a fantastic sense of humor when called upon, but can also be very serious." -- Bernice Kaldy, Owner, Image Builders Marketing

"Ken is the primary copywriter I choose for my advertising clients who are presented in a feature story. Ken is a clever and an inspiring writer who’s weaving of words gets results for my clients. Ken’s ability to tackle a vast array of clients and generate a story that is compelling and completes the formula of attention, interest, desire and action is uncanny. He easily develops rapport in the interview, and is insightful on how he can convey relevant strategic information in the story. His style is creative and always perceptive. His ability is precisely the type of writer I like to have on my team when designing a campaign. Your competitors will wish that he was on their team.” -- Ann Marie LaPorta, Personal Assistant (former), Mimi Vanderhavens Fabulous Buys